Unknown Worlds
December 2018
Playstation Xbox

Subnautica is an underwater survival adventure game.  Crash-landed on an alien planet the player must gather resources and avoid dangerous predators in order to find some way home.  The game employs a deep gathering and crafting system where the player can build a myriad of tools and vehicles in order to traverse the landscape.  There is also the ability to build up a massive base of operations, even including a “Creative” mode to build to the heart’s content.

The team here at Panic Button worked on bringing the game out of early access on the Xbox One as well as bringing the game to PS4.  There were a bunch of us at the studio who actively played Subnautica on PC and Xbox One, so we were eager to jump in and get our feet wet.  The game launched on December 4th, 2018, and we continued to work on a number of patches after launch as well.