Our Story

How did this all get started, and where are we going?

In late 2007, a small group of industry veterans got together and founded a new game company in Austin, Texas.  The following January, they rented a small room in temporary office space and got to work. Spirits were high and the future was bright!  Naturally, things didn’t go quite as expected. Such are the humble beginnings of Panic Button.

For several years, Panic Button worked in quiet obscurity.  We shipped a few low-budget titles. We made stealthy contributions to various games, big and small, under development by other studios in town.  We helped Dragon Age: Origins fit in memory on consoles.  We improved server stability for Star Wars: The Old Republic.  We put character into the ReCore sand.  We even helped Ms. Splosion Man have a blast online.

Persistence, patience, planning, work, experience, talent, and a little luck allowed Panic Button to not only survive those early years but to quietly grow.  We continued to work largely behind the scenes, until…

In 2015, Panic Button began working with Psyonix.  We brought Rocket League to the Microsoft Xbox One.  We added 4K support to the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro version.  And then, in 2016, we brought Rocket League to the Nintendo Switch.

We toured hell (via Mars) in 2017 when Panic Button brought the critically acclaimed Doom to the Nintendo Switch.  This release was repeatedly described as an “impossible port”.

How could we top Doom?  That would be Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and Warframe on the Nintendo Switch.

2019 was one of the busiest years for the studio, as we shipped four high quality titles across multiple platforms:

  • Hob: The Definitive Edition  (Switch)
  • Wolfenstein II: Youngblood  (Switch)
  • Doom 3  (PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch)
  • Torchlight II  (PS4, Xbox One, and Switch)

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