Bethesda and id Software
November 2017
Nintendo Switch

DOOM was a return to form for arcade shooters.  The combat was visceral. The levels were expansive and contained many minute details that led to large secret areas. For many people, this game was the definitive shooter experience of the current generation of consoles.  

We took on the task of scaling this massive game onto Nintendo’s new hardware. As anyone can imagine, there were extreme technical constraints we had to manage. We worked closely with id Software to make sure that the Switch version held true to the DOOM formula.

Doom for the Nintendo Switch game still

DOOM launched on Nintendo Switch on November 10th, 2017, and was referred to by many as the “Impossible Port”. For the first time since the Nintendo 64, people were able to play the DOOM franchise on their Nintendo devices. This also marked a great accomplishment, as one of the first major 3rd party titles that were not initially designed with the Nintendo Switch in mind, to run on the hardware.

In addition, we continued to work to improve the player experience through post-release patches, including new features like Motion Aiming. This project holds a special place in all of our hearts at Panic Button.